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Flexibility of System: Fudge, Flexible Attributes, Skills, Descriptors.

Character Arc: Becoming Heroes / Microscope

Magic System: Ars Magica

Escalations: Dogs in the Vinyard

Meta Game: Universalis

Story Arc: Fiasco

Transcribe Players into Characters

  • Assessment from others


  • The more detail/granularity is added, the higher the max value/result can be
  • Some have negative impact on others (Strength, fine motor skills, ... Passion v. Patience, etc ...)
  • Some have only positive impact, some have positive and negative impact, depending on how far from the average/mean.
  • going beyond high levels causes even higher negative impact.
  • Link personality to soul attributes

Maybe replace Attributes with

  • Capabilities
    • (capacity/passive and ability/Active)
  • Aptitude, Knowledge, Skill
  • Disposition

Setting Sheet

  • Define Character Generation (Powers/Talents)
    • Granularity (from 0-2 * 100, up to 0-200, with decimal points)
    • Range (How many Dice have to be used (relates to granularity, as only 2 dice are possible for 0-2)
    • Power Level (how many extra dice, to
    • Specific Powers that can be defined/Purchased for each aspect

Character Generation

  • Realistic: Roll Dice up to 200 (22 x D9 + D2)

Generate Distribution Charts

Section for Metadata (agency/Ownership)

Mental Attributes:

  • Mental clarity - to make better decisions while under pressure.
  • Concentration - to focus on the mission until victory is assured.
  • Awareness - to be more sensitive to your internal and external radar.
  • Leadership authenticity - to be a heart-centered leader and service-oriented teammate.
  • Intuition - to learn to trust your gut and use mental imagery to your advantage.
  • Offensive "sheepdog" mindset - to avoid danger and stay one step ahead of the competition or enemy.
  • Warrior spirit - to deepen your willpower, intention, and connection with your spiritual self.

Personality DIMENSIONS