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I was thinking about doing a small scripting tutorial of my past work, and was thinking about looking into creating an actual OOP edition of the script. Anyone have any comments/ideas?

Please do. I firmly believe in putting code out there for folks to learn by copy and paste (I sure learn a lot that way).

On a related note, there are lots of tutorials and documents out there on various GM subjects, but they often lack one or more of the following modules:

  • What the operation/function/script is for.
  • More than one example of how it might be used.
  • Variations of use: (e.g. using an array with ds_queue, using an array with sprites, using an array with mouse events, etc.)
  • A downloadable GM file to experiment with or study.
  • I like the definition on wikipedia for "tutorial"... It says that a tutorial should have:

  • A presentation of content, usually with an example or examples, often broken up into discrete modules or sections.
  • Some method of review that reinforces or tests understanding of the content in the related module or section.
  • A transition to additional modules or sections that builds on the instructions already provided. Tutorials can be linear or branching.
  • While many writers refer to a mere list of instructions or tips as a "tutorial", this usage can be misleading... SOURCE:

    I agree with it. The nice thing is, if you can't do all the work yourself, someone else will eventually come in and help out.

    I'm considering writing a few tutorials in GML; where should I put them? In particular, I'm working on a variation of 3D mouselook for flight games that makes the view controls behave consistently even when looking straight up. This seems like it doesn't quite fit in the Tough Topics chapter; that chapter seems to be for troubleshooting rathar than tutorials. Maybe there should be a section for tutorials, or a separate WikiBook for GM tutorials?

    • i recommend you start it more of a programming aspect, and leave other gm articles(like mine) to provide an outline ;) also, i recommend more of a starters tut, not going straight in to the complicated things~~Antome Talk 04:18, 30 November 2007 (UTC)