Game Creation with the Unity Game Engine/Game1 VeganIsland

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Game 1: Vegan Island

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A castaway on a lonely Island needs to survive til he will be found from Search and Rescue Partys. There are no animals on that Island, so he needs to gather Food, create a campfire, build a shelter and create Tools to hold out until he is found.

Julian de la Torre Altena

  • Randomized creation of Gameobjects like trees, bush, mushrooms and stones.
  • Selection of Gameobject for Harvesting
  • Crafting System depending on how much food, wood and stone are gathered.
  • Setup of Main Menu

Marius Wittenborn

  • Inventory System Implementation
  • Gameobject Layout of all materials
  • Coding Architecture

Stefan Schmidt

  • Terrain Layout
  • Camera Control and Player Movement
  • Day/Night Cycle

Coding and Design Tipps

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  • Terrain

There is an option to create a massive amount of trees through out the whole terrain, there are some problems coming with it. The tree prefab collision only works with Sphere, Box or Cube collision. When you use Mesh collisions it will not work with the mass trees. That is a bug known.

  • Random GameObject Placement

Easy way to place a random amount of GameObject on the Terrain is to use a invisible object (Cube). That object will then be moved random around the map and with the function "Terrain.activeTerrain.SampleHeight(transform.position);" its possible to get the height of the terrain. Then you just Instantiate the new object on the position of the invisible object with the height you got with the function mentioned above.


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