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List[edit | edit source]

The gambas toolbox contains all the controls you can drop on a Gambas form.

In the beginning you should get used to some of the tools.

  • Try the textbox and textarea.
  • Try the commandbutton.
  • Try the drawingArea
  • Try the timer.

They are important and the other ones are a lot easier, when you have learned to use these few in the beginning.

  • Label
  • Image
  • TextLabel
  • ProgressBar
  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • ToggleButton
  • TextBox
  • ComboBox
  • TextArea
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • TreeView
  • IconView
  • GridView
  • ColumnView
  • Frame
  • Panel
  • TabStrip
  • ScrollView
  • DrawingArea
  • Timer
  • GambasEditor
  • LCDNumber
  • Dial
  • SpinBox
  • ScrollBar
  • Slider
  • TableView
  • Splitter
  • Workspace

The first one in the row, the Selection Tool, is rather useless. It isn't actually a control. The selection tool simply gives you the plain pointer back, with which you can select and operate on forms and their controls.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Methods[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]