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Introduction to the GNU Health Release Process[edit]

GNU Health stable versions (those with even minor number, eg 1.2.3) .
Starting from version 3.0, stable versions are released approximately every 12 months (on a Sunday).

Stages of the Release Process[edit]

For each version, around two months before the actual release, GNU Health enters in a feature freeze stage, and a month before, Health enters in code freeze stage. At this moment, a Release candidate version is created; and the demo community server updated and the translator teams notified.

Upcoming Release Schedule[edit]

The next stable GNU Health version will be 3.2.0.

Event Expected date Comments
Feature freeze October 2th 2016
Code freeze December 4th 2016
Release 3.2.0 January 8th 2017

Security fixes[edit]

The period of security fixes for a stable version is determined by the next two stable GNU Health releases. For instance, security fixes for series 2.4 will end when version 2.8.0 is released.

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