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Introduction to the GNU Health Release Process[edit]

GNU Health stable versions (those with even minor number, eg 1.2.3) .
Starting from version 3.0, stable versions are released approximately every 12 months (on a Sunday).

Stages of the Release Process[edit]

For each version, around two months before the actual release, GNU Health enters in a feature freeze stage, and a month before, Health enters in code freeze stage. At this moment, a Release candidate version is created; and the demo community server updated and the translator teams notified.

Upcoming Release Schedule[edit]

The next stable GNU Health version will be 3.4.0. Estimate dates are the following, subject to changes.

Event Expected date Comments
Feature freeze February 25, 2018
Code freeze October 28, 2018 RC1

Official languages submissions

Documentation update

Release 3.4.0 November 25, 2018

Security fixes[edit]

The period of security fixes for a stable version is determined by the next two stable GNU Health releases. For instance, security fixes for series 2.4 will end when version 2.8.0 is released.

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