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About Prescriptions[edit | edit source]

Prescriptons can be found in the Health → Prescriptions section of GNU Health. However, since in most cases you only need to see the prescriptions of a specific patient, the recommended way is to open a Patient record and to switch to Prescriptions using the Relate button.

Information Stored in Prescriptions[edit | edit source]

Each Prescriptions record stores some general information:

  • Patient: Link to a patient (mandatory)
  • Prescription ID
  • Prescription Date
  • Prescribed by: Link to a health professional
  • Pharmacy: Link to a pharmacy (i.e. a Party record with the Pharmacy flag set)
  • Pregnancy Warning
  • Prescription Verified

The information about the medicaments can be found in the Presciption Lines section. Each Prescription Line consists of the following fields:

  • Medicament: Link to a medicament
  • Indication: Link to a Pathology Info record
  • Allow Substitution
  • Print
  • Form: Link to a Drug Form record
  • Administration Route: Link to another Drug Form record
  • Start: Date and time
  • End: Date and time
  • Dose
  • Dose Unit: Select an existing dose unit or create a new one
  • Times
  • Frequency
  • Admin Hours
  • Frequency
  • Unit: Choose from "Seconds", "Minutes", "Hours", "Days", "Weeks", or "When required"
  • PRN: Short for pro re nata (= use it as needed)
  • Treatment Duration
  • Treatment Period: Choose from "Minutes", "Hours", "Days", "Weeks", "Months", "Years", or "Indefinite"
  • Review: Date and time
  • Units
  • Refills #
  • Comment

Note: Only a fraction of these fields are visible in the list view, so make sure to open a Prescription Line in the form you to have access to all fields.

Prescription stock[edit | edit source]

Prescriptions can be tracked and inventoried by means of stock management.

To quickly create a new stock move, right-click the prescription > Actions > Create Prescription Stock Move. To view previous stock moves, right click the prescription > Relate > Stock Moves [readonly].

Note: Do not create new Stock Moves from the Relate view.

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