GNU Health/Patient Appointment and Admission Management

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Information stored per appointment[edit]

The appointments form in GNU Health

Each appointment can store the following information:

  • Appointment ID
  • Patient
  • Type of Appointment
  • Level of Emergency
  • Date
  • Specialty
  • Health Professional
  • Health Center

List of all appointments[edit]

The list of all appointments in GNU Health

From the main menu of Health you have the possibility to get into the Appointments section. Here you see the list of all the appointments stored in the system.

  • Free tab: This list reflects all available timeslots where you can create a new appointment.
  • Confirmed tab: This list reflects all existing appointments.

Appointments Calendar[edit]

The subsection Appointments Calendar allows you to display all appointments stored in the system in a calendar view.

Appointments Report[edit]

The subsection Appointments Report allows you to display all appointments of a certain health professional in a certain time period.

List of appointments for a specific patient[edit]

How to access the list of appointments for a specific patient
The list of appointments for a specific patient

To access the list of all appointments for a specific patient only you typically start from the patients record. Simply click the Relate button and choose Appointments.


The Hospitalizations list in GNU Health
The Hospitalization form in GNU Health

From the main menu you will have access to the Hospitalizations area. From here you will manage any kind of action related to the patient’s admission to or discharge from the hospital.

When you create a new Hospitalization record there are different tabs that will help you gather more information:

  • Administrative Data: In this section you can enter all the administrative information related to the patient admission.
  • Nutrition: The information in this section helps the hospital center to know more about the patient’s diet, belief etc.
  • Medication: All the information entered here is related to medication during the admission (indication, treatment period, dosage etc.).
  • Care Plan: Here you will input all the data about nursing plan and discharge plan.

For more information about hospitalizations please refer to the Inpatient Management chapter.

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