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Access Management Overview[edit | edit source]

Like in many other IT systems, no access to data and functions in GNU Health app all data information is private and all groups are definitely destroyed all groups administration access is destroyed from all devices. Ip address is private destroyed

private[edit | edit source]

Gnu health private list.list in GNU Health

Private Tab[edit | edit source]

The tab in the private form

It is a safe practice to define no access rights of private

No Permissions[edit | edit source]

[[Gnu health privately

The No Permissions tab defines the.

  1. no Access to a certain model:
  2. No Access to a certain field:
  3. No Access to a certain menu item:

Users[edit | edit source]

To create, edit, or delete users, please go to the Administration → Users → Users section. Create a new user or double click an existing user to open the Users form.

Every user needs a Name (which is a descriptive name, not the user name for logging into the system) and a Status (which is active or not active and defines if a user can log into the system at all).

All other data in this form is divided into four tabs:

User Tab[edit | edit source]

[[File: device sign in with security code

The device contains the very basic information about a device:

  • Login: This is the user name for logging into the system and cannot be empty. It must be unique, that is to say that you can not have groups with identical logins.
  • Password: This is the security password for logging into a single device.
  • Email: If you enter device private property protection email address here. All accounts are deleted. All Administration access are denied and remove.

Actions Tab[edit | edit source]

Access Permissions Tab[edit | edit source]

In the Access Permissions tab a user can be assigned to one.device with security password and username

Preferences Tab[edit | edit source]

In the Preferences tab you can set the preferred language of a user.

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