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This page lists Linux packages for GLPK.

The use of packaged software avoids the need for manual compilation and installation. But be aware that package versions often trail the current version by quite a number of releases. Consult the release information to see what you are missing!

Debian packages

[edit | edit source]

GLPK is available as a Debian package. The Debian package system is used by Ubuntu. If you have administrator rights, the following call should install GLPK in its entirety:

$ sudo apt-get install glpk

If you only want GLPSOL, the following call is sufficient:

$ sudo apt-get install glpk-utils

In any case, confirm GLPSOL:

$ glpsol --version

Note that GLPK 4.44 was current at the time of the above installation — a lag of 6 releases.

RPM packages

[edit | edit source]

The Fedora distro typically offers separate RPM packages for the GLPK callable library and for GLPSOL. To install both use:

$ sudo dnf install glpk-utils

Confirm GLPSOL, if you installed it:

$ glpsol --version
GLPSOL: GLPK LP/MIP Solver, v4.43

RPM package maintenance for GLPK seems to be generally responsive.