GLPK/Graphical Output

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This section discusses the use of third-party utilities to visualize aspects of a particular GLPK instance, including:

  • the problem (being a representation of the underlying model)
  • its solution (or the results more generally)
  • the progress of the solver (in real-time or after completion).

The following methods have been successfully used:

  • print SVG output from GLPK — and display using a contemporary web browser or SVG editor (say Inkscape)
  • print dot language output from GLPK — then process using graphiz[1] and display in an SVG or PNG viewer

Some of these methods can (and perhaps have been) built into GLPK-specific IDEs, thereby relieving the user of the associated manual processing.

The following sub-chapters discuss some of these approaches in detail:

  • graphical output using SVG
  • graphical output using gnuplot

References[edit | edit source]

  1. graphviz