GLPK/GLPK file extensions

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GLPK normally uses the following file extensions to indicate the various file types it uses.

Ext Description Typical usage
ac automake/autoconf configure definitions installation
am automake/autoconf makefile definitions installation
bat DOS/Windows batch file installation
c C implementation GLPK source
cs C# implementation application programming 
csv comma separated values data
dat GNU MathProg data GLPSOL
dbf dBASE database (dBASE III/IV, FoxPro, etc.) data
glp GLPK problem format model
glpk GLPK problem format model
h C header (also C++ header) GLPK source
in automake/autoconf generated make or conf output installation
log terminal capture various
lp CPLEX LP format model
m4 M4 preprocessor file installation
mod GNU MathProg model (can also contain data) GLPSOL
mps MPS mathematical program (fixed format or free format)  model
out GLPSOL solution in printable format GLPSOL
sh shell script installation
sif SIF standard input format (augmented MPS) model
sol GLPSOL solution in plain text format GLPSOL
sql structured query language data data

Documentation formats are excluded from this list.