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The Basics[edit | edit source]

Default ellipse selection tool settings.

Shortcut: E

Ellipse selection is similar to the rectangle one. The only difference is the fact that it has one option less - rounded corners, as it is elliptical selection so for what. As the name suggests it is made for creating elliptical and circle selections, with optional high quality antialiasing.

  • Modes - determines the way of creating the selection, whether it'll be combined with existing one and such
  • Antialiasing - causes the boundary of the selection to be drawn smoother
  • Feather edge - causes the boundary of the selection to be blurred
  • Expand from centre - expands selection, using starting point as the centre, instead for the corner
  • Fixed - allows you to modify the actual shape of rectangle
  • Position - placement of the selection
  • Size - size of the selection
  • Highlight - highlights the actual selection, by darkening everything that surrounds it
  • Guides - select the types of guides shown within of selection
  • Auto Shrink - shrinks the selection to the nearest rectangular shape available on the image layer
  • Shrink merged - if this option is enabled, then Auto Shrink will use the pixel information from the visible display of the image, rather than from the active layer

Modes, Antialiasing and Feather Edges[edit | edit source]

See Selection Tools#Modes for information about Modes
See Selection Tools#Antialiasing for information Antialiasing
See Selection Tools#Feather Edges for information about Feather Edges option

All other options[edit | edit source]

See Rectangle Selection for information about the tool as everything works completely (or almost completely) the same. The only difference is existence of rounded corners option in Rectangle Selection - there is no need for it here.

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