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Search Engines[edit | edit source]

Clusty[edit | edit source]

Clusty ( groups the results of other search engines into clusters.

See also[edit | edit source]

describes a way to get a "short URL" into Google Groups.

FreeBSD Manual Pages[edit | edit source]

FreeBSD's "man.cgi" script presents the online manual pages for several versions of FreeBSD and other manual pages.

To see pages such as nethack from FreeBSD ports, you must not set manpath to an OS that does not include ports. Note that the choice (currently FreeBSD+5.4-RELEASE+and+Ports) that contains ports changes when the site adds a new version of FreeBSD. Note that if you bookmarked an old manpath (like FreeBSD+5.2-RELEASE+and+Ports) it acts like a nonexistent choice, which by the above list "uses latest FreeBSD release and ports".

Wikis[edit | edit source]

UseMod[edit | edit source]

UseMod exists as a Perl script.

For more information: UseMod:System

MediaWiki[edit | edit source]

The MediaWiki PHP script allows users to retrieve and edit wiki pages.

  • Location: and several other places
  • With no arguments: redirects to Main Page
  • Arguments:
    • title=name of a wiki page fetch that page
    • action=type of action (edit, submit, others)
      • edit: presents HTML form allowing user to edit a wiki page
      • submit: if no POST data, same as edit
      • raw: Displays raw code (using mimetype of text/x-wiki unless overridden by ctype)
      • purge purges pages cache
      • history show history
      • delete
      • not specified: retrieves the page (using a different than normal URI)
    • section= section to edit
      • 0 section between title and first header
      • 1 first section (under first header), etc. for 2, 3 ...
      • new make new section (add comment)
      • really high number add to end
    • ctype=: override mime type (only allows specific types)
      • text/css (Useful, as Firefox displays as plain text. To get around a log in only to see source, do &action=raw&ctype=text/css)
      • text/javascript (or one of the other mimetypes for js, can't remember)
      • text/x-wiki
      • application/x-zope-edit
    • editintro= Ads an instructional page on top of edit box (needs &action=edit). commonly used in inputbox extension. only works if page doesn't exist
      • any page in wiki
    • preload= preload a page's source into editbox (needs &action=edit). only works if page does not exist
      • any random page

For more information: Wikipedia:Wikipedia:URLs; meta:Help:URL.

RFC: Request for Comment[edit | edit source]

You can get any particular numbered RFC by slotting the number into a base URL. The definitive, official version is in plain ASCII text.

further reading[edit | edit source]