GCSE Science/Answers-Static Electricity

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Q1) 3 --- all atoms have the same number of protons as electrons

Q2) Negative --- electrons have been added to the balloon.

Q3 left hand pair) Negative--- The balloons are repelled

Q3 right hand pair)Positive --- The balloons are attracted. Remember '"like charges repel, unlike charges attract

Q4) The purpose of the washing up bowl is to insulate the girl from the ground. People are reasonable conductors of electricity. If the girl just stood on the floor electricity would run through her body and leak away. She would act as an earth wire for the Van de Graaf.

Q5) The girl's hairs all pick up static electricity from the Van de Graaf machine. Remember like charges repel, so each hair tries to get as far away from the other hairs as possible. That is why her hair stands on end.