GCSE Computer Science/Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 1CP1

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This section aims to fit in with the Edexcel GCSE(9-1) Computer Science 1CP1 syllabus but is not endorsed by Edexcel. It should be useful as a revision guide or to find alternative explanations to the ones in your textbook.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Topic 1: Problem solving

1.1 Algorithms

1.2 Decomposition and abstraction

Topic 2: Programming

2.1 Develop code

2.2 Constructs

2.3 Data types and structures

2.4 Input/output

2.5 Operators

2.6 Subprograms

Topic 3: Data

3.1 Binary

3.2 Data representation

3.3 Data storage and compression

3.4 Encryption

3.5 Databases

Topic 4: Computers

4.1 Machines and computational modelling

4.2 Hardware

4.3 Logic

4.4 Software

4.5 Programming languages

Topic 5: Communication and the internet

5.1 Networks

5.2 Network security

5.3 The internet and the world wide web

Topic 6: The bigger picture

6.1 Emerging trends, issues and impact