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GCSE Computer Science/Computer architecture

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The Von-Neumann Architecture[edit | edit source]

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Show understanding of the basic Von Neumann model for a computer system and the stored program concept - 2016 CIE Syllabus p11

The Von Neumann Architecture uses the stored program concept where instructions and data are loaded from main memory into the processor to be executed.

The Von-Neumann Architecture, and stored-program concept, works where machine code instructions and data are stored, and loaded from memory into the processor to be executed in sequential order. Von-Neumann Architecture is used for general purpose machines, where instructions and data are held in the same memory location - this is our main memory, or RAM.

The Fetch-Execute Cycle[edit | edit source]

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Describe the stages of the fetch-execute cycle, including the use of registers - 2016 CIE Syllabus p11