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KILL PICTURE[edit | edit source]

Syntax[edit | edit source]

KILL PICTURE pictureHandle&

Description[edit | edit source]

This statement calls the Toolbox procedure KillPicture, which releases the memory occupied by the picture which is specified by pictureHandle&. This should be a handle that your program created using the PICTURE ON, PICTURE OFF statements (or the Toolbox routines OpenPicture and ClosePicture), or the USR GETPICT statement. You should not use KILL PICTURE to release a picture handle that was created by other means (for example, a picture resource handle).

Warning: Do not use KILL PICTURE to kill a picture that is currently being displayed in a picture field. You must close the picture field first (using the EDIT FIELD CLOSE statement) before calling KILL PICTURE.

Warning: You should make sure that pictureHandle& does not equal zero before calling KILL PICTURE. Disposing of a "nil handle" can cause problems on some older systems.

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