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DEF BUTTONHELPSHOW Statement[edit | edit source]

DEF BUTTONHELPSHOW[edit | edit source]

Statement[edit | edit source]

✔ Appearance ✔ Standard ✔ Console

Syntax[edit | edit source]


Revised[edit | edit source]

October, 2002 (Release 8)

Description[edit | edit source]

Because Help tags are indeed less intrusive than Help balloons that they replace in Carbon, Apple has decided that their default behavior is popping up on screen as time permits. On the other hand, Help balloons are turned off by default. However, you or your end-user may wish to act upon that behavior.

DEF BUTTONHELPSHOW lets you control the display of Help tags in Carbon or Help balloons in PPC. If showHideFlag is zero the Help messages are no longer displayed, any other value for this parameter will cause the reappearance of the Help tags on screen, as soon as the system determines it is time to do so.

An additional step is required for non Carbon applications in order to display the help balloons associated with buttons created in FutureBASIC: you must call DEF BUTTONHELPDISPLAY at an appropriate time, i.e. when the mouse enters the button area.

You must include "Subs Help tags.Incl" in your project to make this command available to your program.

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