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CLOSE FOLDER statement[edit | edit source]

CLOSE FOLDER[edit | edit source]

Statement[edit | edit source]

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Syntax[edit | edit source]


Description[edit | edit source]

This statement causes the specified working directory reference number to be removed from the System's list of current working directories.

A working directory reference number is a temporary number which is used to uniquely identify a certain directory (folder) on a certain currently-mounted volume. These numbers are generated by the System software on request; several FB functions (such as the FILES$ function) generate and return working directory reference numbers. A folder is considered to be "open" once a working directory reference number has been generated for it.

The System's list of current working directories has a limited amount of space available; executing CLOSE FOLDER may in some cases help prevent the list from becoming full. In addition, a folder cannot be deleted from disk while it remains on the list: you may therefore find it necessary to execute CLOSE FOLDER if you intend to delete a folder.

After CLOSE FOLDER has been executed, the working directory reference number is no longer valid, and can no longer be used to identify that folder.

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