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CFINDEXSORT function[edit | edit source]

CFINDEXSORT[edit | edit source]

Function[edit | edit source]

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Syntax[edit | edit source]

ignore = FN CFINDEXSORT ( whichIndex )

November; 2006 (FB 4, Release 4)

Description[edit | edit source]

This function is actually easier to implement than it appears. The return value of the function is undefined and therefore ignored. The parameter that you pass to the array is the index number. Pass zero if you are only using one INDEX$ array.
Items in the array are sorted from the least to the greatest.

This only works if you have included the CFIndex.Incl. This only works in CarbonLib v1.0 and later and in MacÊOSÊX v10.0 and later. If you have any expectation of serving older computers, you should block the function so that this sorting routine is not executed.