Future Media/Using Wikibooks.org and Facebook.com As Communication Tools For This Class

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This Future Media Class students will write their own text as a WIKIbook. Informal discussions about this course in Facebook can be used in this WIKI where thoughts are formalized in an on-line text book outlined by teachers.

Guidelines and suggestions for the use of Facebook as a social networking tool and WIKIbooks as an information sharing tool are as follows:

1. Every student should communicate in Facebook at least four times per week and more often when class activities require it.

2. Students are encouraged to use the discussion board in Facebook for ongoing topics. New "Topics" can be at any time and a history of all interactions in Facebook will be used to partially determine a course grade.

3. New chapters can be added to the WIKI, but students are requested to let professors in the relevant discipline (art, music, multimedia, business) know when a section of the book is added . The editing and contribution of text, photos, URL links, etc. is expected.

4. In order to stay current with the class, students are responsible to read Facebook messages Monday through Friday and on weekends when possible.

5. Students are encouraged to address Facebook comments to specific students and teachers when appropriate. Occasionally it will be appropriate to message every class member from Facebook.


What is Facebook?[edit]

Facebook is the second largest social network on the web, and continues to grow.