Fundamentals of Transportation/Trip Generation/Homework

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  1. Keep a travel diary for the next week. Analyze your personal travel diary. Summarize the number of trips by mode, by purpose, by time of day, etc. To do so, for each trip record the following information
    1. the start and end time (to the nearest minute)
    2. start and end location of each trip,
    3. primary mode you took (drive alone, car driver with passenger, car passenger, bus, LRT, walk, bike, motorcycle, taxi, Zipcar, other). (use the codes provided)
    4. purpose (to work, return home, work related business, shopping, family/personal business, school, church, medical/dental, vacation, visit friends or relatives, other social recreational, other) (use the codes provided)
    5. if you traveled with anyone else, and if so whether they lived in your household or not.

Bonus: Email your professor at the end of everyday with a detailed log of your travel diary. (+5 points on the first exam)