Fundamentals of Transportation/Route Choice/Additional Problems

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Additional Questions[edit]

  1. How does average cost differ from marginal cost?
  2. How do System Optimal and User Equilibrium travel time differ?
  3. Why do we want people to behave in an SO way?
  4. How can you get people to behave in an SO way?
  5. Who was John Glen Wardrop?
  6. What are Wardrop’s Two Principles?
  7. What does conservation of flow require in route assignment?
  8. Can Variable Message Signs be used to encourage System Optimal behavior?
  9. What is freeflow travel time?
  10. If a problem has more than two routes, where does the extra equation come from?
  11. How can you determine if a route is unused?
  12. What is the difference between capacity and flow
  13. Draw a typical volume-delay function for a deterministic, static user equilibrium assignment.
  14. Can Q be negative?
  15. What is route assignment?
  16. Is it important that the output travel times from route choice be consistent with the input travel times for destination choice and mode choice? Why?