Fundamentals of Transportation/Mode Choice/Additional Problems

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Additional Questions[edit]

  1. What factors determine mode choice, utility
  2. What role does socio-economics play in mode choice?
  3. What is an aggregate model, disaggregate model?
  4. How is probability () calculated?
  5. What happens to probability when utility increases or decreases?
  6. Why is it hard for transportation engineers to determine how many people will be taking one mode?
  7. Who developed the logit model for transportation mode choice?
  8. What is “kiss and ride”
  9. What happens when a new mode is introduced?
  10. Explain the red bus/blue bus paradox, and Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives feature of multinomial logit models.
  11. Compare the logit model with the gravity model.
  12. What is an alternative specific constant?