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Authors' Notes: Miscellaneous Suggestions[edit]

Use of Numbers[edit]

  • Numbers 1 to 20 can be directly linked with positions in league tables which contain 20 teams.
  • The number of goals scored home and away, goal difference and points use smaller numbers.
  • There is also shirt numbers and their association with particular players.
  • Number of appearances, goals scored per player use numbers 20 to 100+.
  • Stadium capacity & match attendance figures use numbers in the thousands & tens of thousands.

Use of Time[edit]

  • Clock time is important in relation to the start times of matches and TV / Radio broadcasts.
  • Transport timetables need time.
  • The playing time remaining in a match, and the identification of different periods like the first and second halves & extra time use time expressions.
  • Fixture timetables relate to calendar dates, day & month names, intervals between games and rest periods.
  • Time intervals relate to injuries and contract durations.
  • Years relate to the dates of competitions and famous matches.


  • Ticket Prices
  • Value of player contracts

Old / Superseded Notes[edit]