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Freistil. Actual annotated German texts. is a loose collection of German texts for foreign language learners. The texts, dealing with actual topics, are annotated with translations and spiced up with explanations and activities, so that you do not only learn new words but also how to use common phrases and typical grammatical structures.

You will find the following features:

  • In-text annotations pop up when the mouse cursor hovers over a blue-coloured German word. Here, you find an in-context translation of the given vocabulary, saving you the time to consider an external dictionary.
  • What's worth learning? boxes next to the text give you an idea of which vocabulary shows up frequently in daily language and thus is worth learning.
  • In detail boxes give you background information and cultural knowledge that help you understand what's going on.
  • Text levels at the beginning of the articles hint at the difficulty of the texts.

Before long, all texts will be separately available as PDF documents optimized for printing. In time, there will also be a compilation containing all articles as a complete book. Hopefully, there will be audio recordings of the texts as well.