Freelance Instructional Designer Handbook/Contracts

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This page contains the following information about the freelance instructional designer contracts. Many of these areas are ever-changing due to the trends within this profession. Thus, they will be updated regularly by any of the authors participating in the writing of this book. Please contribute to any of the headings provided within this page by clicking EDIT in the upper right of this page.

W2 or W9 or EIN or Inc.?

IRS EIN Number

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Contracts

An e-learning agency is a hiring agent for corporations, businesses and the government. They post the position for an instructional designer on all of the job boards, screen the applicants and then enter into a contract with the ID to work for the client. BE CAREFUL! This is a current trend to shift all the legal responsibility for ROI for the e-learning content to the ID. One contract I viewed required insurance in the excess of 1,500,000.00 for liability related to the effectiveness and ROI on the corporations e-learning ROI.

Payment Methods and Schedules

Monetary Exchange Rates & Your Wages

Taxes: National, State & International

ID, Design or Contractor Insurance

International Contracts

Please add any information, tools and information you may have about contracts to this area.