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Free ABA Basics

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What is Free Applied Behavior Analysis Basics?

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Benefits of Wikibooks

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By placing an assessment tool into an electronic media you gain the following benefits:

  • Adaptable - if a segment of the information is weak, a contributor might login to and either add to the discussion for this module (see tabs) or make a change in the module for the section. Furthermore, a user can make a copy and customize it for his or her own use.
  • Portable - this book can be placed on a laptop and/or printed out. No more lugging books around.
  • Reduced costs - some ABA books have been known to cost over $100
  • Durable - electronic media can often be put into various types of formats such as a database, web page, or even printed in sections.
  • Expandable - the use of hyperlinks to get more information on an idea or item can assist users in learning the information more completely and quickly.
  • Multimedia - Wikibooks has the ability to add pictures and short videos that are not under copyright and publicly available. Pictures or video clips can be used as training tools for users.

Who Should Contribute?

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Anyone interested in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The idea of providing schools with free, effective, field tested curriculum will save money and give us a more educated, competitive populace.