FreeNAS/Distributions/FreeNAS 0.69.2 (Muad'Dib)

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Major changes[edit | edit source]

  • Add another WOL patch. It is tested for nfe(4) und xl(4). Thanks to Tobias Reber.
  • Add switch in 'System|Advanced' WebGUI to enable the console screensaver (FR 2777301).
  • Upgrade Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool to 6.10.18359.
  • Add ability to enable or disable rc.conf variables configured via 'System|Advanced|rc.conf'.
  • Add Danish WebGUI translation. Thanks to all translators.
  • Add kernel patches to get ARTiGO A2000 hardware working. Thanks to David Davis for the patches.
  • Add ability to use %d (date) and %h (hostname) in email subjects (e.g. Services|UPS) (FR 2796141).

Minor changes[edit | edit source]

  • Add 'MaxLoginAttempts' event to FTP ban list rules (FR 2777481).
  • Add 'ClientConnectRate' event to FTP ban list rules.
  • Allow selecting the key length of the cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt a disk (FR 2779692).
  • Add system power control options to 'System|Advanced|rc.conf' (FR 2784889).
  • Show FTP transfer log in 'Diagnostics|Logs|FTP|Transfer' (FR 2785325).
  • Add filechooser button to 'Home directory' editbox in 'Access|Users|Edit' WebGUI (FR 2790909).
  • Sort various lists displayed in the WebGUI using a 'natural order' algorithm (FR 2481934). Thanks to Marion Desnault for the patch.

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • It was not possible to configure multiple FTP ban list rules. Thanks to Michael Zoon.
  • Modify Fuppes UPnP configuration to get PS3 with firmware 2.70 working again (BR 2782729).
  • Editing existing config items in WebGUI will display incorrect data (e.g. 'System|Advanced|rc.conf' or 'System|Advanced|sysctl.conf') (BR 2792956).
  • Fix bug in WebGUI which is caused by unhandled special HTML characters used in various languages (BR 2793875).
  • Set Quixplorer user permissions to 'View only' because of security reason because Quixplorer does not respect system user permissions (BR 2798934).
  • Disk temperature not detected correct for SCSI devices (BR 2801565).
  • Fix JPCERT/CC JVN#89791790 (Cross-site scripting vulnerability).