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Images[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

Documentation[edit | edit source]

files[edit | edit source]

JPG[edit | edit source]

The channels (color, zbuffer, alpha, diffusion, world, normal, stereoscopic) can be saved as compressed JPG file.

PNG[edit | edit source]

The channels can be saved as lossless PNG (with(out) alpha channel) file.

FRACT[edit | edit source]

Fractal parameters and settings can be saved as texteditor-readable fract file.

EXR[edit | edit source]

The channels can be saved as EXR (with(out) linear colorspace) file.

TIFF[edit | edit source]

The channels can be saved as TIFF (with(out) alpha channel) file.

PLY[edit | edit source]

A fractal (with(out) colors) can be saved as PLY file.

TXT[edit | edit source]

Settings can be saved as TXT file.

Coloring methods[edit | edit source]

Coloring concerning the fractal can be varied in the material editor. Properties like luminosity, transparency, specular reflection, roughness, reflectivity and iridescence can be set.