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Animated periodic cycle

Koenigs[1] coordinate[2] are used in the basin of attraction of finite attracting (not superattracting) point (cycle),[3][4]


  • a rational map f of degree at least two  f(z)
  • a fixed point z_1 = 0
  • multiplier of the fixed point is \lambda
  • fixed point is attracting but not superattracting 0 < \lambda < 1
  • \mathcal{A} = the attracting basin of the fixed point zero under function  f. In other words interior of component containing fixed point = the open set consisting of all points whose orbits under f converge to 0.

\phi_{\lambda}(z) : \mathcal{A} \to \mathbb{C}

It is aproximated by normalized iterates :

\phi_n(z)=  \frac{f^n(z)}{\lambda^n}

It can be defined by the formula :

\phi_{\lambda}(z)=  \lim_{n \to \infty} \frac{f^n(z)}{\lambda^n}

Function f is locally conjugate to the model linear map[5]  z \to \lambda z

Key words[edit]

  • Koenigs function [6][7]
  • Kœnigs Linearization of Geometrically Attracting basins


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