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World Championships for Four-Player Chess started in 2018. Since then, there has been a World Championship tournament for Four-Player Chess every year following.

Events[edit | edit source]

As of the time of this writing, Four-Player Chess has had 3 event formats for its World Championship. More could be added in the future, however, these are the only championship formats to date.

Teams[edit | edit source]

The Four-Player Chess Teams World Championship was the first event created for the World Championship. This event usually plays the standard teams variation (RY & BG teams, as opposed to RB & YG or RG & BY teams). Each participant usually has to "claim" his or her partner and the two create a team.

FFA[edit | edit source]

FFA is the second event created for the World Championship. This is usually a WTA (Winner Takes All) style game. Each player plays as an individual.

Antichess[edit | edit source]

Antichess is the third event created for the World Championship. This is usually a WTA (Winner Takes All) style game. Each player plays as an individual. The objective is to lose pieces and you are forced to capture if you have the option to. The game ends when all of a player’s pieces are captured or can’t move.

Championships by Year[edit | edit source]

Each year or tournament may need to be moved to its own pages, especially as more championships occur, but here is at leas a summary of every championship so far organized by year.

2018[edit | edit source]

Inaugural Teams World Championship[edit | edit source]

This is the first World Championship ever! It was won by Valger and Oleg_Barantsev with a record of 20-10!

16th-13th (Eliminated Round 2):

16. strong-lightsaber (partners: karem2 (3 games), x-gannicus-x (2 games), fischer_tanvir (1 game) Record: 0-6 (Eliminated by gremu and hamada_2000, ranked 7th overall)

15. NedPencil (partner: TeamsterZizo) Record: 0-6 (Eliminated by liquid-sun and tommerrall949, ranked 5th overall)

14. GustavKlimtPaints (partner: vrdtmr) Record: 0-6 (Eliminated by Superatos and GDII, ranked 4th overall)

13. vitoria-gasteiz (partner: 7R0N1C) Record: 1-6

12th-9th (Eliminated Round 3a):

12. OnlyGMbeatme (partner: 4pcChessGuru) Record: 3-6

11. Kujtimi (partner: lebgdu92) Record: 6-6 (Eliminated by liquid-sun and tommerrall949, ranked 5th overall)

10. a1t19 (partner: Omi-Kiss) Record: 6-6 (Eliminated by Superatos and GDII, ranked 4th overall)

9. ClashRoyale12345 (partner: MALAVIYA86) Record: 7-6

8th-7th (Eliminated Round 3b):

8. michaela_ruth (partner: e4bc4qh5qf7) Record: 6-9

7. gremu (partner: hamada_2000 (9 games) Persian_Elsa (4 games)) Record: 7-6

6th-5th (Eliminated Round 4a):

6. Xarisole1994 (partner: BabYagun) Record: 8-8

5. liquid-sun (partner: tommerrall949) Record: 10-9

4th (Eliminated Round 4b):

4. Superatos (partner: GDII) Record: 14-10

3rd (Eliminated in the Semi-Final):

3. Nutsyci (partner: abhinavmartha123) Record: 15-10


2. FM Wojciech Reza, rezacz (partner: GM Tomasz Warakomski, Wraku89) Record: 17-10


1. GM Dmitry Kononenko, valger (partner: Oleg_Barantsev) Record: 20-10


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2019[edit | edit source]

Inaugural FFA World Championship[edit | edit source]

The winner of this Championship is Evgeni Miller, / JonasRath / of Canada, earning a 5-year Premium Membership on Second (Biljan Popadic, / neoserbian / of Serbia), third (Fifth_something of Japan), and fourth (Justin Davis, / JustinD7 / of United Kingdom) also earned premium memberships. Further information on the first World FFA/Solo Championship can be found on


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2019 Teams World Championship[edit | edit source]

This championship changed the format of world championships. Most notably, how players qualified for the championships.

In 2019, an admin by the username of 7R0N1C added a tournament concept called Regionals and e4bc4qh5qf7 took charge of this series of tournaments. Basically, any two eligible players who chose to be partners could register for Regionals. The winner of this tournament would earn a spot in the 2019 Teams World Championship. There would be 6 regional tournaments in all, each granting every winning team member a spot in the championship. Each team could split if they so desired for the tournament, making 12 possible positions filled through this system.

The Regional System[edit | edit source]

The Regional system worked was this. Players were divided into 3 regions. These regions were mostly based off of the time players could play each other. Each region worked as a bracket. The winner of each region, or bracket, then faced off for the title of the tournament. The winner of this face off would be admitted into the 2019 Teams World Championship.

May 18-19th[edit | edit source]

Below are the results of the May 18-19th 2019 Regional Tournament:

Region 1 (Round Robin) (Saturday & Sunday 23:59 UTC):

Region 1 Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Wt. Avg Rank 6-0 DirtyWindows Roadrunner18 2162 2 3-3 Jcrossover08 SportySpice 2078 5 2.5-3.5 El-Rompe11ueso MikfailTal 1819 9 0.5-5.5 Fighterfam kevinzhang0 14

(Ranks 9 and 14 both forfeited their last 3 games due to a no-show)

Region 2 (Swiss) (Saturday & Sunday 16:00 UTC):

Region 2 Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Wt. Avg. Rank Rank 1 rezacz Wraku89 2260 1* Rank 2 nutsyci respecthebish1 2135 3 Rank 3 vrdtmr GeniusN 1866 7 Rank 4 tommerrall949 GDII 1846 8 Rank 5 Docilio Jmontalvon 1302 12 Rank 6 Krishved johnbaltaro 1239 13

Region 3 (Round Robin) (Saturday & Sunday 11:00 UTC) Record Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Wt. Avg Rank 3-3 e4bc4qh5qf7 fischer_tanvir 2099 4 6-0 MalburySoapGoodSoap ANMemmedov 1995 6 1-5 kgchoro imsomebodyelse 1747 10 2-4 RF_CHESS Chipster2015 1746 11


Region 1 Winner (DirtyWindows + Roadrunner18), Won 3-0 vs Region 3 Winner (MalburySoapGoodSoap + ANMemmedov; MalburySoadGoodSoap left the match after game 1; 7R0N1C joined as a replacement in games 2 & 3.) [PLAYED Monday, May 20, 2019 at 12:30 PM Central/17:30 UTC.]


DirtyWindows + Roadrunner18 vs. Region 2 Winner (Wraku89 + rezacz) (Wraku89 + Rezacz W 3-1) Tournament 1 Winners: GM Wraku89 + FM Rezacz

Regional Tournaments #2-6 Summary:

The round robin and Swiss systems were then abolished for these types of tournaments as several teams no-showed during the second days of this tournament format when they realized they had no chance. The format became strictly knockout (KO) in which preliminary rounds were Best-of-3 and the intraregional finals the following day were Best-of-5. The interregional playoffs would also be best-of-5 with the highest seed sitting out of the Semi final and playing the winner of the semi final. After seeing dwindling participation from tournaments #1-6 (13, 10, 6, 3, 6, 7) the format for the following year was determined to have only one Region compete per tournament, resolving the complications of interregional playoffs.

Winners by tournament #: 2: DirtyWindows + Fischer_tanvir 3: JCrossover08 + SportySpice 4: nutsyci + 7R0N1C 5: michaela_ruth + e4bc4qh5qf7 6: MalburySoapGoodSoap + Roadrunner18

Most teams split and chose different partners for the second World 4PC Teams Championship. The only two teams that qualified through regional tournaments or otherwise that stayed together for the Championship were the Polish team of GM Wraku89 and FM Rezacz and the North American team of michaela_ruth and e4bc4qh5qf7.