Four-Player Chess/Variants

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Besides the two main variants, Teams and Free-For-All (FFA), there are also a lot of so-called rule variants. These rule variants each have different rules and objectives and can be played either in Teams mode or FFA mode.

Chess 960[edit | edit source]

In the Chess 960 variant the starting position of the players' pieces is randomised. The idea is that players will not be able to rely on memorisation of opening lines and will have to rely purely on their skills and creativity instead. Normal four-player chess rules apply.

N-check[edit | edit source]

In the N-check variant each player's king starts with N lives and the king will lose one life every time he gets checked. Double check costs two lives. The final check results in checkmate. In Teams mode, a player with zero lives will only be checkmated when his turn is reached.

King of the hill[edit | edit source]

In the King of the hill variant, in addition to the standard rules, a player can also win the game if he manages to bring his king to one of the four central squares on the board (i.e. g7, h7, g8 or h8).

Anti-chess[edit | edit source]

The objective of the anti-chess variant is to lose all pieces or get stalemated. There are no checks or checkmates. If a player can capture a piece or pawn, he must capture.

Capture the king[edit | edit source]

"Capture the king" means that the only way to checkmate an opponent is to capture the king. This changes the game, because kings are not restricted in any way and a player is not obliged to respond to checks (although it is still advisable to get out of check to avoid one's king being captured). This gives rise to other options. A player may choose, for example, to capture another players king for checkmate in response to a check, rather than moving the own king out of check. Moreover, pieces are never absolutely pinned.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

In this FFA variant you have private chat and private arrows, teaming is encouraged. Players can backstab other players. Players can suggest moves, sequence of moves and long teaming.

Minor variants[edit | edit source]

Promotion can be on different rank and to different piece: Any, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight or 1pt Q. Howewer, if promotion don't set to 1pt Q in FFA, checkmates are +40. For FFA, points for opposite player's pieces can multiplied by 1(standard), 2, 3 or 4. In DeadWall, dead pieces will became impassable walls. In Teams, there is supported three types of teaming: R&Y vs B&G, R&B vs Y&G or R&G vs B&Y.