Four-Player Chess/Conventions

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Book conventions[edit | edit source]

When contributing to this Wikibook, please adhere to the following conventions:

General[edit | edit source]
  • The spelling used is British English.
  • Words are written in full, without contractions.
  • Main line moves are written in boldface.
  • When using a colour to refer to a player, it should be capitalised. When used as adjective for a piece, the colour is not capitalised. For example, "If Red takes the green queen, Blue takes the yellow queen".
Opening theory[edit | edit source]
  • Moves are organised in a directory-like structure, e.g. Four-Player Chess/Common openings/1. h3/1...d6/1...h12. Each position has its own subpage.
  • Red moves are referenced as move number, period, space, move. The space prevents an unbroken string of characters in the page title becoming too wide for the page. In displayed text the space can be omitted.
  • Blue, Yellow and Green moves are referenced as move number, three periods, move (without space). In displayed text the letter indicating the colour may be prepended to the move for clarity, if deemed necessary.
  • Check(mate) indications (# or +) are not included in reference links, but should be included in displayed text.
  • In case of transposition, redirect to an existing position.
  • Each page starts with a 4pc diagram of the current position. Small diagrams (size = 20 and, optionally, numbers and letters = neither) are used to show other positions, when discussing lines.
  • Include the FEN4 and common moves in the top diagram showing the current position. In other diagrams the FEN4 is optional and common moves should be omitted.