Foundations of Spanish/Food

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Vocabulary List[edit]

  • almuerzo
  • arroz
  • azúcar
  • carne
  • cebolla
  • cena
  • cerveza
  • cocino
  • comemos
  • comen
  • comida
  • desayuno
  • emparedado
  • emparedados
  • fresa
  • fruta
  • huevo
  • jugo
  • limón
  • menú
  • naranja
  • papa
  • pasta
  • pescado
  • pollo
  • queso
  • sal
  • salsa
  • sopa
  • tomate
  • vegetales
  • vegetarianos

Vocabulary-Grammar Connections[edit]

Suggested Writing Practice[edit]

Write a list of words you believe exist and their meanings, based on the vocabulary words and patterns you have learned so far. For example, you might infer that pollos means chickens. Look these words up to check. Write a weekly menu and shopping list. (Someone in every household should do this anyway, to make it easier on whoever cooks dinner, so maybe you can actually use this assignment.) Write the recipe for something on the menu, or another recipe. (Use the book from Suggested Reading Practice for examples of recipes.)

Suggested Reading Practice[edit]

Download the free recipe book available at and explore traditional Latin American foods. (You will need to look up a lot of extra words for this—or, you can follow the link to also download the English version, and compare the two to help you figure out the words you don't recognize.)