Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Writing an Author Reflection

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Writing an Author Reflection[edit| edit source]

Each author, after posting the final version of either their Foundations article or Assessment article, should leave an "Author Reflection" on their article's discussion page.

An Author Reflection is a statement from the author reflecting on the content of their article. Some example author reflections include:

  • The author's opinion on the topic based on the information reported and his/her own personal experience.
  • A personal experience related to the topic such as an observation from a classroom or a memory of a personal school experience.
  • Questions the author was left with after researching the topic.
  • Deliberations the author had about what content to include in the article or which sources to use.

Directions for Writing an Author Reflection[edit| edit source]

  • After posting the final version of your article, go to the "discussion" page for your article by clicking the "discussion" tab at the top
  • Click "edit this page"
  • Type the words "Author Reflection" and make it a Level 2 Headline by highlighting the text and clicking the 5th editing button from the left (the one with the large "A" on it)
  • Type in your Author Reflection
  • Sign your response with four tilde ~~~~
  • Don't forget to click SAVE PAGE
  • Be sure you are logged into Wikibooks.