Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Contents/Chapter 9/Additional Resources

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Additional Resources[edit]


US Dept of Education Mentoring Program

This is a program under the United States Department of Education that provides resources for creating a mentoring partnership and also how to apply for a grant to establish a mentorship program in schools.

National Education Association Information about Mentoring

The National Education Association has created this website that gives detailed information for establishing or improving mentorship programs for teachers.

Early Intervention-Pre K

Developmental Psychology Study about effects of Pre- Kindergarten

This was a published study in the American Psychological Association about the effects of Pre-Kindergarten on students that continue on through the public school system. There are many interesting statistics and information in this article.

Literacy Intervention for at risk Preschoolers

In this study done by researchers at the University of Virginia, they studied the effects of Literacy Intervention on pre-schoolers that had certain risk factors. This study was also published by the American Journal of Speech-Language pathology.

Effective Schools

Intervention Goals for Safe and Effective Schools

This is a chapter from a book that details specific risk factors for students that could create anti-social or criminal behavior and what steps teachers can do to help students to deal with the risk factors. There were many interesting topics within this article and would benefit any education student and educator.

Book that focuses on successful teachers and schools

The book details the effective strategies of reading by a group of teachers. There are many insightful details in this book and there is a distinct correlation between the successful teachers and their understanding of their students and the community that they come from.

School & Community Partnerships

Book about Partnerships between Schools, Families and Communities

This book describes many ways that schools can create great partnerships with families and the community that they live in. There are many details that would be beneficial for any education student to read to prepare them for the resources that they will need in their classroom.

School and Community Partnerships: A Handbook for Action

The author describes this book as a handbook for action and gives very clear reasons that partnerships will work between schools and the communities that they are in. This book is very informative and easy to read, the information will be beneficial to future teachers.

Creating Positive Learning Environments

Using Technological Blends to Create Diverse Learning Environments

This is a very interesting book that is extremely relevant for the teachers of tomorrow. There are many resources in this book that will help teachers to use technology to help their students to experience the information in many of the same mediums that they use outside of school.

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