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The great growling of change - technology.

- Alvin Toffler

We are living in a world filled with technological innovations that effect virtually every aspect of our lives. Methods of communication are changing and face-to-face contact is becoming a distant memory. If it doesn't have a keyboard or keypad, this generation is not interested.

The impact of technology on education continues to be overwhelming. Computers have become commonplace in classrooms and labs. Internet access provides unlimited opportunities for student research and connects individuals via social networking. Teachers can take students on virtual field trips to international destinations without leaving their classrooms. Textbooks are being replaced by student written materials which are posted on-line. Technology is transforming the way that students learn and teachers teach. As a future educator, it is essential to familiarize yourself with a variety of technological innovations which will enhance your teaching as well as provide exciting learning opportunities for students.

Chapter 13 includes the following articles:

•Technology in Education: Help or Hinderance?
•Educational Applications of Web 2.0
•Student-Written Text Materials
•Online Learning and Virtual Schools
•Teaching Digital Natives
•The Future of Education

Are you a digital native? What is Web 2.0? Are student written materials as effective as traditional textbooks? Is the future of technology in education glowing brightly? Discover these answers (and more!) as you explore this chapter on technology!

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