Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Contents/Chapter 10/Additional Resources

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR EFFECTIVE TEACHERS[edit] A discovery channel exclusive that allows students to explore videos and news stories about exciting real-world subjects. Younger students can play games, read, watch, and study topics like dinosaurs, space, earth, sharks, etc. The Journal of Effective Teaching is an online, peer reviewed journal that publishes two regular articles and one special feature article every year. Insight on philosophies, instructional techniques, technology incorporation, and classroom experiences create a small online community of educators. A comprehensive site that offers thousands of free lesson plans, rubrics, games, worksheets, etc. Discusses Kagan structures and cooperative learning theory. Workshop and professional development information can also be found on this site. This site has a ton of information and activities for teachers and their classrooms. There are lesson plans, teacher chat boards, web blogs, instructional articles, project ideas, etc. The Department of Education website for Virginia. Everything from standards of learning to professional development to continuing education can be found on this site. A website that lists all the most popular resource links for educators. There are hundreds of sites that link teachers to activities, worksheets, instructional technique information, etc. Teacher resources and professional development information for all subject disciplines. There are videos and articles listed by grade and subject. This site has professional development information, interactive programming, television and web programming, digital reading software. The site is broken into three parts. Part of the site is devoted to teachers. Part of the site is devoted to students. Part of the site is devoted to parents. This site has game finders, curriculum guides, standard searching, and flash cards. A database of fifty educational theories with the intention of making instructional theory more accessible to educators.