Folksprak/Grammar/Indicative sentences

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Indicative sentences[edit]

According to the V-2-rule the verb has to come as the second member in the sentence.

  • Min friand kom fridag. (EN My friend comes Friday.)
  • Fridag kom min friand. (EN Friday, my friend comes.)

This also applies for impersonal sentences, which are sentences which have no actual subject and which must be given the subject het (EN it).

  • Het regen. (EN It rains.)
  • Het is warm. (EN It is warm.)

The subject of the sentence may be put behind the verb in order to be emphasised. Again, the V-2-rule applies, so the verb must appear as the second member of the sentence. Once more, you can use het (EN it).

  • Het sing min friand. (EN It's my friend singing.)