Folksprak/Grammar/Adjectives and Adverbs

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Adjectives and Adverbs[edit]

Adjectives do not change and stand between article and noun.

  • de grot hus (EN the big house)
  • din ny friand (EN your new friend)

Adverbs describing adjectives precede them. They are alike in form.

  • de hel bok (EN the whole book) [hel as an adjective]
  • de hel ny bok (EN the wholly new book) [hel as an adverb]

Adverbs describing verbs are preceded by them.

  • De hus is ne grot. (EN The house is not big.) [ne is preceded by is]
  • De hus is ja grot. (EN The house is truly big.) [ja is preceded by is]


Adjectives and adverbs form comparatives with the suffixes -er and -est.

  • grot, groter, grotest (EN great, greater, greatest)

Simplifying, you may use meer and meest instead.

  • grot, meer grot, meest grot (EN great, greater, greatest) [Basic FS]