Fluid Mechanics Applications/A09: Concept Of Pumps and the Working Principle

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Concepts of Pumps and its Working principle

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A hydraulic pump is a machine which transfer energy from its moving parts to the fluid passing through the pump. The energy transferred from the pump to the fluid appears as the pressure & velocity of the fluid, fluid pumps move the fluid from transfering them one position to other with some energy.generally pump have some blades thats mounted on disc which move or rotate with some driving power & transfer that energies to the fluid by making it move with increased velocity,


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In simple word pump understand its working. Fluid enters a pump at certain velocity & pressure, which may be even zero, and leaves it with increased energy, velocity and pressure. For this a pump consumes some amount of energy from any external source. There are rotating parts inside which move the fluid either by confining it in specified volumes and then displacing it or by imparting energy to the fluid by dynamic action of the moving parts and increasing pressure & velocity of the fluid.Now we proceeding away...classification and working