Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple/Level 1

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Level 1 is the introductory level and its purpose is to teach the player(s) basic controls. You can control Fireboy using the arrow keys and Watergirl using the WASD keys. Fireboy can move through lava but not through water while Watergirl can move through water but not through lava. Both characters are unable to move through green mud. This game is intended for 2 players, however it can also be played solo.

It's easy to get to the yellow lever by making sure Fireboy doesn’t enter water and Watergirl doesn’t enter lava. Afterwards, switch the lever and the yellow platform will descend. Then, one of the characters has to stand on the pink button so that the pink platform will also descend while another character has to jump on top of the pink button.

When the first character moves from the button, the platform will ascend so the second player has to stand on the second pink button in order to let the first one move up.

Then you get to a movable object. Just move the object until it touches the wall on the left. Afterwards, use the object as a stepping stone to jump up. Finally, Watergirl must enter the door with the blue symbol while Fireboy must enter the door with the red symbol to complete the level.

Congratulations! You finished the first level! You are now pro gamers!