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Combat[edit | edit source]

Weapon: Blaster Edge

Limit Break: Combine (using her best friend, Angelo), or Angel Wing (A Limit Break sort of like Berserk, except with supreme magic power.)

Character[edit | edit source]

Outspoken, spirited, emotional and compassionate (and a bit immature, which sort of gives her the nickname "Princess"), Rinoa is in many ways the polar opposite of the cold and antisocial Squall; in fact, she was at one time romantically involved with his long-standing rival Seifer Almasy. Although their personalities do clash at first, Squall and Rinoa gradually fall in love, and their relationship is a major focus of the game's storyline. Nevertheless, Rinoa has proven to be extremely stubborn towards her ideas and will push another person's buttons until she gets her way. Unfortunately, Squall is the only person she knows that is actually willing enough to shut her off. Ironically, he gives in later in the game.

As the game progresses, Rinoa will appear during Squall's Graduation Dance as the mysterious young woman who pulls him into the dance. Nonetheless, destiny has it that they meet again, in the Timber on the Forest Owl's hideout. Wanting to free Timber from Deling City's rule would prove to be an uphill battle, which drags in Squall and the other SeeDs. From there, Rinoa would not stop until Timber is freed and will soon follow Squall and the rest of the SeeDs on their journey.

Of course, with two polar opposites meet, mayhem is caused. Rinoa and Squall, obviously, do not get along at first, just because they just can't see each other's views. Rinoa keeps plugging away at Squall, and Squall keeps giving her the "cold shoulder". However, as the game progresses, Squall soon realizes how much he doesn't want to be alone, especially with someone like Rinoa by his side. And that's when things start to warm up a little. Rinoa had already fallen in love with Squall, even though it's not noticeable at first. Opening Squall deeper and deeper, Rinoa would soon show her feeling towards him, especially after the "Oath" they have near Edea's Garden. Unfortunately for Rinoa, opening Squall would be like opening a 5000 page novel, and only scratching the surface.

Keep in mind, Squall lets Rinoa have his favorite lion-ring of Griever. Something she was willing to return, but Squall would refuse and let her keep. Kind of like a mini gift from Squall's heart. Also, Rinoa would be saved by Squall twice: once from a clipped of cliff on the Balamb Garden and another when she has lost all hope in outer space. Adds points to Squall, doesn't it? Not to mention, Squall stops Rinoa from being frozen after she becomes a sorceress.

There have been rumors that Rinoa should have been with Seifer, but as the game did conclude, Rinoa had chosen Squall (and vice-versa,) and leaving a ending that anyone can guess on. Many fanfictions have been made on Rinoa and Squall's romance, but as much as I could tell, love is superior in this story.