Final Cut Pro/Starting a Project

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The First Project[edit]

  1. Open Final Cut Pro.
  2. Click on FILE > Save Project As
  3. Give your project a name. We’ll name ours “First Project,” and we’ll save it under the Documents folder of the current user.

Final Cut Pro has an auto save feature that will prompt you to save your project if you haven’t already. It can't perform an autosave unless the project has been saved at least once first.

When you open Final Cut Pro for the first time, you will encounter the Easy Setup Window, and you will be asked to choose a scratch disk. For now, select DV NTSC for the Easy Setup, and set your scratch disk to an external hard drive or second hard drive. If you don’t have an external or second hard drive, you can use your main/internal hard drive to edit your project. Storing media on the main hard drive is not ideal; if you eventually fill up your hard drive, you can affect system performance, but it can be done.

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