Fighting/Other Weapons

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Other weapons[edit | edit source]

Hunting bows and crossbows are both lethal weapons. They also have enormous limitations. They are large and bulky, slow to reload, and they have limited range when compared to a gun. They are also illegal to carry on the streets. Such weapons are generally unsuited to defensive use.

Certain bladed weapons are balanced for throwing. These are almost always performance items, and no matter how accurate, lack the penetrating power to be useful in a fight. Throwing away a good knife is usually a stupid idea.

Wearing brass knuckles on one hand while fighting unarmed can greatly increase the damage of your strikes, but remember that you can break your knuckles and finger bones if you are not careful. Exercise more caution when using these. Aim primarily for the soft parts of the body, such as the stomach, and be more careful when attacking so as to avoid accidentally hitting a wall. Remember, carrying brass knuckles in many areas is considered illegal, check your local laws.