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Create / Edit Timetable[edit | edit source]

Before you create a timetable you should create your faculty and assign the appropriate faculty to the course. Click on the boxes below the hours for which you wish to assign a subject and then choose the Subjects from the Drop Down List, Drag the faculty box onto the timetable grid and Click "Publish TimeTable" and you are done. Do that for the other subjects.
Fedena will check the hours against the maximum hours that you specified against the faculty when you created the employee. Incase the hours exceed the limit you specified you will see an error message

Warning : Max hours per day exceeded. - On Tue (Afternoon1) Continue | Cancel

You have the option to continue or cancel assigning the faculty to the time slot. If you have published an erroneus timetable correcting it is easy, recreate the time table and republish it.

View Timetables[edit | edit source]

All the timetables that you have created can be viewed using this option. Choose the batch from the dropdown list and fedena will display the timetable. You can print a PDF version of the timetable if you wish.
Currently the PDF shows the employee code against a time slot instead of the name. This should be corrected in future versions.

Create Weekdays[edit | edit source]

This form let you specify the working days of the week. In most cases you should leave it unchanged. If you are an institution situated in Middle East then please uncheck Thursday and Friday and check Saturday and Sunday. In case you are running weekend courses you can specify the working days for a specific course.

Set Class timings[edit | edit source]

Create the class timings so that the numbers of hours and the breaks like recesses and lunch can be specified.For our play school lets create a 8:00 am to 4:00 pm schedule divided into classroom period of one hour each with a 10 minute recess after every two hours and a lunch break of 50 min.

Institutional timetable[edit | edit source]

You can view the day's timetable for your institution using this option.