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Manage Student Categories[edit | edit source]

Student categories are used to classify students depending on various legal and constitutional entitlements like "Affirmative Actions", "SC/ST", "OBC" etc. You can create as many as you wish but remember to create a category "general" to group students who do not fall in the other special groups. Click the General Settings | Manage Student Categories and create these categories.

Manage Subjects[edit | edit source]

You can create "subjects" that a student should attend as part of the curriculum. Subjects can be either compulsory or elective. In case of our play school let us create a single subject "Play". For larger schools and colleges you might want to create subjects like "Physics", "Chemistry", "Maths", "Electronics". Click the General Settings | Manage Subjects. Subjects are created for each batch, choose the batch for which you want to create the subjects and create them. Similarly create Elective Subjects. The only difference is that for the cumpulsory subject Fedena automatically assigns all the students but for elective subjects you will have to assign the students yourself based on the elective they have opted for. Since we haven't created any students as yet we will revist this at a later stage.

This is all that you need to have Fedena ready to accept your first batch of students.