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 FOSS Network Infrastructure and Security 

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The most useful resource for further reading is the Internet. Here are some useful sites on the Internet.

Resources on the Web[edit | edit source]

General reading/references[edit | edit source]

a. Free Software Foundation <>

b. IOSN <>

c. Linux Documentation Project <>, <>

d. Internet Standards and RFCs <>

e. Internet Society / NSRC Workshop Resources <>

f. Network Startup Resource Center <>

g. UNESCO Free Software Portal <>

h. Networking and Information Technology Observatory <> - click on the “open source” theme.

Linux software download and documentation[edit | edit source]

a. Source Forge <>

b. Kernel .org <>

c. Freshmeat <>

d. RPMFind <>

e. DNS/BIND <>

f. Sendmail <>

g. SSL <>

h. SSH <>

Security-related sites[edit | edit source]

a. Security Focus <>

b. CERT <>

Forums[edit | edit source]

a. Slashdot <>

b. Linux Online <>

Events[edit | edit source]


b. NANOG <>

c. AfNOG <>

d. SANOG <>

e. O’Reilly Open Source Conference <>

Useful mailing lists[edit | edit source]

a. ISP-Linux <>

b. NANOG <>

c. AfNOG <>

d. SANOG <>

e. NSP Security Mailing List <>

List of FOSS most commonly used by ISPs[edit | edit source]

Operating system

Debian Linux <>

FreeBSD <>

Accounting authorization authentication

Cistron Radius <>

FreeRadius <>

Freeside <>

Domain Name Server


MAIL servers and related software

Sendmail <>

Exim <>

CourierImap <>

SpamAssassin <>

Majordomo <>

Web -related software

Apache <>

PHP <>

Proxy and caching servers

Squid <>


Iptables <>

Snort <>

OpenSSH <>

OpenSSL <>

Network management system


Netsaint <>

Nmap <>

Ntop <>

Browsers and e-mail clients

Firefox Internet Browser <>

Mozilla <>

Thunderbird E-mail Client <>

Books[edit | edit source]

Linux Books tends to get obsolete very quickly. But they are still a handy reference, when your access to the Internet is limited.

O’Reilly Books[edit | edit source]

Practical Internet and UNIX Security

Linux in a Nut Shell

Building Secure Servers with Linux


Essential System Administration

Linux Security Cookbook

Network Troubleshooting Tools

Other O’Reilly books on FOSS are also highly recommended.

Other Books[edit | edit source]

Unix Unleashed. System Administrator’s Edition. India: Techmedia.

Special Edition - Using Linux. 3rd Edition. India: Prentice Hall of India Ltd.

Tanenbum, A. Computer Networks. Prentice Hall.

Free BSD References[edit | edit source]

The FreeBSD handbook is a full guide on FreeBSD.