EverQuest II/Crafting Reference/MOB Drops

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This is a catalog of known drops that can be used as raw items in crafting. Any time a named mob is known for dropping the loot, their name will be in parenthesis. Otherwise assume that it is unknown. Please note listed zones and mobs are NOT the only place these items may be found - many appear to be chest drops in multiple zones - it is only there to give you a feel for the zone and equivalent zones you may search in. Much of this information came from a EQ2Traders forum post which colloborated information from multiple people.

Liquid Drops[edit | edit source]

Many mobs will drop saliva or blood, which can be used as a liquid in crafting. Merchants may pay more for these "liquids" than it costs to buy a generic liquid from them. Unless for roleplaying purposes, such as making coffee with fairy blood, it is better to just sell these type of drops. The one exception to this is on the Isle of Refuge where liquid costs 21c compared to 6c it will cost you in the cities.

Tier 1 Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

No known Rare Drops

Tier 2 Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Sisal Root

  • Frayed Roughspun Afghan (named gnoll in Blackburrow)

Blackened Iron Cluster

  • Broken Blackened Iron Bracelet (Queen Blightfang in Blackburrow)
  • Tarnished Blackened Iron Anklet
  • Nicked Blackened Iron Cup (Chest Drop - Dervish in Commonlands)

Severed Bone

  • Smashed Bone Shield (unknown mob in Peat Bog)
  • Small Bone Carving (Union Worker in Thieves Den)
  • Cracked Halfling Skull (Quest Reward for Cracked Halfling Skull Quest)

Average Quality Pelt

  • Ragged Cured Binding

Rough Coral

  • Cracked Coral (Lady Darkblade and Marius Darkblade in Thieves Den)

Tier 3 Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Severed Fir

  • Fir Bookends (named giant in Nekultos Forest)
  • Waterlogged Rare Fir Chest (Lord Gydak in Stormhold)

Dandelion Fiber

  • Ruined Rukas Blanket
  • Ripped Rukas Blanket (named mob in Stormhold)

Steel Cluster

  • Time Worn Steel Jar

Medium Quality Pelt

  • Severed Cuirboulli Apron

Tier 4 Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Feysteel Cluster

  • Nicked Feysteel Chalice (Chest Drop in Ruins of Varsoon)
  • Dented Feysteel Goblet
  • Dull Feysteel Anklet

Rough Opal

  • Dehydrated Opal (Chest Drop in Ruins of Varsoon)
  • Opal Geode (in Nekultos Castle)

High Quality Pelt

  • Crushed Engraved Binding (Mibble Toad in Ruins of Varsoon)
  • Cracked Engraved Binding (in Nekultos Castle)
  • Cracked Engraved Medicine Bag (named mob in Nekultos Castle)

Severed Oak

  • Oak Table Leg (Grover Burrower in Enchanted Lands)
  • Crushed Oak Walking Stick (in Nektropos Castle)

Oak Root

  • Singed Cloth Gloves (Chest Drop in Nektropos Castle)
  • Bolt of Cloth (in Runnyeye)

Tier 5 Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Rough Ruby

  • Clouded Ruby
  • Fissured Ruby

Figwart Root

  • Ruined Linen Coat
  • Linen Afghan

Ebon Cluster

  • Shaped Ebon Coin
  • Bent Ebon Coin
  • Bent Ebon Disk

Severed Cedar

  • Intact Cedar Book Cover